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Trade marks


- On September, 15th, 2003 the group of companies Prosto Petro Group is formed. It included the industrial, trading and purchasing companies. Now all our projects are carried out under a uniform corporate brand.

- At 10th anniversary international fair of articles of food of "Prodekspo-2003" Prosto Petro Group has presented a number of novelties: boiled condensed milk "BURENKA", assortment of creams "NUSSA", 40 % soft oil "BURENKA", chocolate pastes "BELISA", class mayonnaise "premium" "Carna Vale".

- Prosto Petro Group opens own representation in Moscow.

- Manufacture of creams in glass jars at company factory in Krasnoe Selo has begun. Specially for this project the hi-tech Dutch equipment, allowed to finish quality of let out pastes to the world standards has been bought.


- At factory Prosto Petro Group in Krasnoe Selo, St.-Petersburg, the additional equipment on manufacture condensed milk, allowed to increase release twice is established. The Great bulk of let out production - weight boiled condensed milk. With increase in capacity of manufacture Prosto Petro Group becomes one of leaders on release boiled condensed milk in the Northwest.

- At factory Prosto Petro Group there is begun manufacture of chocolate-dairy paste "Tikli" in glass packing 350 gram is powerful. Start of manufacture of "Tikli" has practically finished translation process of all assortment of chocolate pastes offered by the company on own manufacture.

- Prosto Petro Group represents a product new to the Russian market boiled condensed milk "Buryonka" DUO in whom strips of more dark shade with strips of light tones alternated, it has been reached thanks to the special unique packing equipment allowing in such original way to receive in one packing of condensed milk, welded on a various compounding and different flavoring shades.

- The group of companies Prosto Petro Group has taken part in the traditional exhibition devoted to a foodstuff, World Food 2004. The novelties presented by the company used the Particular interest: paste "Belisa" DUO in a transparent plastic glass and product absolutely new to the Russian market, boiled condensed milk "Buryonka" DUO.

- The group of companies Prosto Petro Group opens own branch in Novosibirsk.


- The group of companies Prosto Petro Group has presented a product new to the Russian market chocolate paste "Buryonka" with chipped filbert.

- Prosto Petro Group takes part in the largest international food exhibition Anuga. Participation in an exhibition is caused by desire of the company to enter the international markets with the project of manufacture of chocolate pastes under trade marks of the customer «Your Brand», and also to present a direction of dry dairy mixes.

- Prosto Petro Group lets out on the market a novelty HALVAH PASTES from sunflower. The compounding, in which basis high-quality seeds of sunflower have laid down, has been developed by technologists of the company.

- At an exhibition «Prodsib 2005» chocolate paste "Buryonka" has been awarded by medals of the higher advantage. Independent experts have noted taste and excellent quality of our pastes. By separate medals have been awarded, both chocolate-dairy, and shokolate-nut pastes "Buryonka".

- Prosto Petro Group became the official partner of Dutch company Kievit in concentrates of coconut and palm fats in Russia. This event became natural continuation of long-term cooperation between the companies.


- Production of our enterprise was highly appreciated at the exhibition which has taken place in Ekaterinburg in which frameworks professional tasting competitions on quality of the presented drinks and products were held. The commission had been considered 74 samples of drinks and the products presented by 37 enterprises-participants of an exhibition.

- In 30 km from Novosibirsk, in the city of Berdsk, solemn commissioning of the new enterprise of the company on manufacture of the boiled condensed milk has taken place. A total area of an industrial complex - 1700 sq.m. At factory the newest import equipment is established, allowing to let out more than 30 tons of high-quality production a day.

- Prosto Petro Group is awarded by a silver medal of an exhibition «Ingredients Russia 2006» for distribution production on easily soiled “Vana Grasa” (dry palm and coconut fats), and also rewarding by the Big gold medal of an exhibition «Prodsib 2006» pastes chocolate-nut with chipped filbert of "Buryonka".



- Prosto Petro Group has successfully presented the production at the International exhibition of confectionery products "ISM 2007" in Cologne. Our firm took part in this largest specialised exhibition for the first time and the it is more pleasant to realise the fact of appreciable interest to the company production, shown by participants and visitors of an exhibition.

- Prosto Petro Group has started release of a new product on own original compounding: cream of vegetable-dairy instant, 42 % of fat content. The novelty will be packed up in a two-layer plastic package on 150 gr. And in addition to be packed into a cardboard box.

- In frameworks of a policy of expansion assortiment matrix and fuller satisfaction of consumer demand Prosto Petro Group has started release under the brand of dry instant cream of a class «Premium». Cream have 31 % of fat content, are packed up in a glass jar in a thermo shrinkable film, net weight of 200 gram.

- In frameworks of a policy of the firm directed on strengthening of competitive positions in the market of a foodstuff, the system of a quality management of "Peterpak" has been certificated on conformity to the international standard ISO 9001:2000. The given standard generalises useful experience and achievements of the companies of all world in the field of a quality management. The system of a quality management which is meeting the requirements of standard ISO 9001:2000, - the most recognised, extended, logical and rationally documented. And for the consumer of production made on Company "Peterpak", it means that the control over quality of the let out goods corresponds to world level.





- Technologists Prosto Petro Group develops new compounding boiled condensed milk: thermo- and krio - stable, allowing expanding assortment of offered production for the confectionery industry of Russia and the CIS countries.

- Experts of "Control purchase" chocolate pastes "Buryonka" admit the best pastes of a domestic production.

- At the company enterprise in Krasnoe Selo 2nd line on manufacture of chocolate pastes on purpose is placed in operation to satisfy a growing demand of consumers for given production.



- The compounding is developed and there is begun release boiled condensed milk with new flavouring qualities: from cocoa, a cream-brjule - both in industrial container, and in retail packing.

- In September, 2009 the company, within the limits of the long-term program of a diversification of business and development of new directions of industrial activity, has successfully finished the project of commissioning of a line on release of confectionery glazes in drops. The first parties of let out production, on the original compounding developed by technologists Prosto Petro Group, have successfully passed test tests by experts of the various enterprises of the confectionery and dairy industry of Russia, noted high quality and fine organo-leptical indicators of the offered glazes. Since December, 2009 the line works at full capacity, letting out to 270 tons of production a month.



- Since April 2010, the Prosto Petro Group has begun to produce chocolate-milk pastes named "Tikli" in the 250 grams packages and Burenka in the 100 grams packages. New packaging options for chocolate pastes make it possible to increase the number of offers and positively affects the demand. Consumers can now plan their expenses more precisely and buy the smaller packages to receive fresh chocolate pastes each time.

- In May, we have started negotiations on the packaging line of confectionary fats acquisition and installation in order to expand the company’s business directions.



- In July 2011, the Prosto Petro Group has released the new flavors of the sweetened condensed milk with cocoa and creme brulee in a plastic cup. It is the convenient, lightweight and recognizable pack.

- Since autumn 2011 we have begun to produce new types of confectionary fillings in Krasnoe selo near Saint-Petersburg. These thermostable fillings with flavors of “boiled sweetened condensed milk”, “cream-vanilla”, “cream-chocolate” are made for usage as the ready-made fillings for interlayer and surface finishing in the production of flour products. Fillings are frostproof and doesn’t change their organoleptic and physico-chemical parameters. The soft texture allows producers to add the fillings inside the product easily and put them on the pastries manually or mechanically.

- On the “Peterpack” factory the production of cryostable glaze for ice cream has been started. Glaze is intended for glazing and decorating the ice creams, cheese curds and other food products.

- At the end of 2011 our enterprise has started the production line for vegetable oils and specialty fats. The range of produced oil and fat products:

- refined deodorized palm oil;

- coconut deodorized refined oil;

- milk fat replacers;

- confectionery fats.

New production line includes:

- line for the raw materials preparation, storage of oil and fat raw materials in relevant process tanks, mixing components according to the developed recipes;

- a mold, which guarantees high quality of the produced oil and fat products;>

- automatic packing line for oil and fat products into the tanks with heat-sealed bags of polymeric materials.

Special purpose oils and fats produced by LLC Peterpak comply with the Technical Regulations for oil and fat products in terms of quality and safety (Federal Law No. 90 of June 24, 2008).



In 2012, the Prosto Petro Group expanded its product line. We have released:

- white confectionery coating (in drops); 

- thermostable fillings for the confectionery products with tastes of "Creme brulee", Nut "," Cream", "Cappuccino ";

- powdered milk substitutes (mass fraction of fat 25%).

- Prosto Petro Group has released a zip-lock powder milk substitute.

Advantages of zip-lock packages:

- the lock reliably protects the powder milk from dust and moisture;

- allows to multiuse the packages without losing tightness;

- zip-locks are fully sealed due to the special technologies used in the production of grippers. Your products will remain in the marketable condition for the longer period.



In 2013, the Prosto Petro Group has launched several new products:

- thermostable fillings for pastry with taste of “Creme brulee”, “Creme-Vanilla”, “Butter Cream”, “Creme-Chocolate”, “Boiled condensed sweetened milk”, “Cream Cheese”, “Cream Curd” with a moisture level of 32 -34%;

- thermostable fillings for gingerbreads with taste of "Boiled condensed milk" with a mass fraction of moisture up to the 26% level. It helps to expand the matrix and increase sales by offering extra product to the market and minimizing the level of fats in the flour products.

- fillings for pastries with different fruit and berry flavors.

On our factory in Krasnoye Selo near St. Petersburg, the roentgen detector has been installed for final products’ control.

As the quality is the main criterion for customers, the manufacturer’s reputation can be greatly undermined by the unintended items in the products like the broken glass, metal shavings and metal nuts. This situation can occur not by the manufacturer’s fault but as a result of any emergencies on the production line or the presence of the foreign objects into the raw flavor etc. Metal detectors and X-ray detectors can help to avoid this cases by automatic recognition of the extra inclusions. The usage of this equipment allows to identify poor-quality raw materials or trash in the production process itself and to prevent the possible consequences.



During the 2014 we have launched a new technological line for the whipped products production on the operating LLC Peterpak factory. Prosto Petro Group has begun to produce its own innovative product – the marshmallow dessert by our own recipe. The product has no analogues neither in Russian nor in the European market. Several enterprises all over the world produce similar products, however, using the different recipe and technologies. By their organoleptic features and taste this product are very different from that one produced by the Peterpack LLC.

Desserts are produced under the brand name "Alisa". Marshmallows are very attractive for the consumers because of its light consistency, retaining shape and a big variety of tastes. Therefore, the Alisa marshmallow dessert meets the strictest technological requirements of food production and is fully made of natural ingredients and can be recommended to children. 

In October 2014, the Prosto Petro Group has launched the production of marshmallow masses in an industrial package for producing the desserts and consumer packages with various flavoring fillers for customers. Tastes include vanilla, strawberry, raspberry, and cherry. In future we plan to expand the range of tastes.



Our food safety management system has been certified for the requirements of the FSSC 22000 (HASPP) criterions.

“Mystery purchased program” has shown the results of 2015. Our marshmallow dessert “Alisa” has been recognized as the product of the year in Yekaterinburg for its delicate taste, airy consistency and natural quality.

As part of our marketing policy the Prosto Petro group has planned to expand the range of dairy products in our matrix. Another our goal was to fully satisfy our consumers with high-quality goods. In that direction we have begun to produce a premium condensed whole milk with sugar under “Burenka” trademark. Milk is produced strictly according to GOST 31688-2012 exclusively from natural fresh milk and sugar.



This year is named a year of new brands launch and rebranding of the company's traditional trademarks.

In order to optimize the assortment, unify product names and build a conceptually different approach to packaging design, making it in a single recognizable style The Group’s head management has made a revolutionary decision: 

- Entire “Burenka" trademark’s creams elimination;

- Replacing them fully with pastes under “Bureshka” trademark;

- Restyling the “Bureshka” chocolate pastes packages according to our brand book and market situation;

- Launch of “Bureshka” chocolate pastes sales on the territory of Russian Federation since October

 The company has begun to produce premium chocolate and nut pastes under the new brand “Carna le Vale”. Only the best cocoa beans, nuts and other premium ingredients. Pasta is distinguished by a balanced taste of milk chocolate with nutty notes and excellent plasticity. According to consumer reviews, this product is on the same level with well-known Nutella pasta from a famous Italian manufacturer by the taste qualities.

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