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Trade marks


To be the progressive dynamically developing Company with the faultless reputation which is in the lead in the market of manufacturers of foodstuff, creating non-polluting, qualitative and accessible production at the price, realizing and improving intellectual and creative potential of employees and possibilities of modern technologies.




  •     The Consumer - our priority value in environment. The consumer - our employer. The consumer is on whom our reputation, well-being of employees, success of realization of Mission and achievement of the purposes put before us depends.
  •     We are concentrated and as much as possible focused on the fullest satisfaction of requirements not only Russian, but also foreign Consumers, considering traditions and flavoring predilections of the various people.
  •     We are firmly convinced that the Company potential allows to let out the most qualitative production, capable to satisfy tastes of the most exacting Consumers.
  •     We value our Consumers and we do not suppose occurrence with them of any conflict situations.
  •     We aspire to make our production as much as possible accessible to the various strata of society.

  Employees of firm

  •      Employees are that, as there is a Company. It that makes a basis of bases of our successful business. It without what it is impossible not only the further development, but even the decision of local problems.
  •     All Employees of our Company are worthy persons who possess uncommon human qualities and professional abilities in the area.
  •     We are assured: the main advantage before competitors are our Employees and their accurate interaction in work of a command of the adherents understanding and dividing Mission and Values of the Company.
  •     We reach the purposes because each Employee of our Company is full determination to achieve the best results in the work and considers myself personally responsible for execution of Mission of our Company, divides ideological values and principles of our Company, respects colleagues and is the integral link of the rallied Command.
  •     We trust the Employees who are capable to incur responsibility for the charged business; we appreciate and we use new ideas and the offers of Employees directed on perfection, both their work, and all Company as a whole.


  •     In the work we always are guided and we operate according to the ethical standards accepted in a society, and laws of the Russian Federation.
  •      We cannot stand aside of most acute problems of a modern society and in process of forces we take part in their permission.
  •     We welcome and we support modern lines of a healthy way of life, preservation of ecology of a planet and we aspire to operate within the limits of the standards providing safety of environment.
  •     At the organization of the activity we consider and we show respect for cultural traditions and national values of those countries, with the companies and which organizations we co-operate and where we export the production.
We use raw materials of the world's largest manufacturers
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