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Trade marks

The company builds the policy of sales on two channels: directly, through own department of sales and through wholesale intermediaries.

Directly, without network shops, by the company it is captured hundreds retail points in various regions. In the first years of development we carried out sales only in St.-Petersburg, and then left on national and international level.

The basic sales volumeProsto Petro Groupcarries out in regions in this connection we have saved up a wide experience of work with the various wholesale companies, we know their requirements and a condition.

We successfully co-operate with the largest regional wholesale organisations and such federal trading networks, as «Pjatyorochka», «Magnet», «Lenta», «Ashan», «Metro» and many other things. At the same time, we work and with the small trading companies and separate shops. Main principle – дtrust to partners at exact observance of mutual obligations.

We give: optimum assortment of the best-selling production, trade marks known to the end user, the flexible price policy, stable deliveries. The main thing that working with us, you work not with the intermediary, and directly with the manufacturer and, accordingly, have possibility to receive the goods under more favourable prices, and also to influence directly creation of new products and updating of the old.

НStarting to work with clients in regions, we try to build relations on a long-term basis of partnership, to help to sell our production, giving advertising support, to try to solve arising problems. Main principle of such partnership - only joint efforts we can receive benefit.

Work with us begins with contract signing in which main principles of cooperation are registered. At the first stage of work with the new client we carry out shipments on an advance payment. At the second stage when the client leaves on a certain sales volume, schemes of delivery are fulfilled and the steady segment of loyal consumers to our production was generated, we are ready to discuss (and really to give!) possibility of a delay of payments for shipped production.

We use raw materials of the world's largest manufacturers
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