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Trade marks

About ten years ago, when the market did not differ an abundance various delicacies, among the most popular national delicacies the first places were occupied with chocolate spread and condensed milk. And if condensed milk also boiled, so it in general a holiday.

Being children, we hypnotized a pan, within two hours expecting, when at last there will be a long-awaited transformation of usual white condensed milk in lasting, improbably tasty light brown or dark with bitter mass.

And tasty the weighed out chocolate spread smeared on a roll was what!

When the food market has started to be filled with every possible variations of habitual products and at last there was already ready boiled condensed milk both the packed up chocolate and shokolate-dairy paste, consumers had an opportunity to take pleasure in a favourite delicacy at any time.

Today to get boiled condensed milk, any grocery shop is enough to visit chocolate paste and whipped cream and to ask production of trade marks "Burenka," Tikli "," Belisa "!


The information on where it is possible to buy production of our company you will find here, in section "Where to buy".


We collect the most interesting and tasty recipes for you in section "Recipes".

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