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In this section you can familiarise with recipes of preparation of sweet delicacies for adult and small gourmets!

Recipes are constantly updated.



House Cookies


The components used in the recipe:
- Flour - 2 glasses 
- Oil creamy - 230g
- Sugar - 1 glass
- Egg - 1 piece 
- Lemon - 1/2 pieces
- Soda food - on a knife tip
- Salt - to taste  

For chocolate glaze:

- Cocoa "Tikli" - 2 table spoon

- Powdered sugar - 1 glass
- Water hot - 3 table spoon
- Oil creamy - 2 table spoon.

Instructions on preparation:

Oil to mix with a flour, to add sugar, salt, soda, a dried peel of half of lemon and egg. To prepare a shortcake dough. To unroll the dough an equal layer in the thickness of 5-7 mm and by means of dredging to cut out from it preparations. To bake in an oven at temperature of 190-220 degrees, to cool. To prepare chocolate glaze: to mix in a bowl of cocoa-powder and the powdered sugar, sifted through a strainer, to add hot water and the kindled butter, all carefully to mix before reception of homogeneous brilliant weight.

On a surface of the cooled cookies to put very thin layer dense apple or plam jam then add chocolate glaze, to decorate a surfacequarter walnut kernels.


Cake "Potato"


The components used in the recipe: 

- Cocoa "Tikli" 

- Milk dry "Burenka" - 2 table spoon on 1 glass of water
- Oil creamy -  100 g.
- Crackers - 300 g.
- Egg - 1 piece
- Sugar - 1/2 glasses
- Cognac - 2 table spoon

Instructions on preparation:

Oil to pound with sugar and crude egg. Vanilla crackers to heat up in an oven and to pass through a meat grinder. Carefully to mix with oil and sugar. There to pour in the dissolved dried milk. It is possible to add 2 table spoons of cognac or vodka and a few cocoa. Of the received dense weight to make cakes, to roll in them in a powder of cocoa and to put in a refrigerator.



Roll with cocoa and nuts


The components used in the recipe: 

- Cocoa "Tikli" - 1/4 glasses
- Sugar - 1/4 glasses
- Salt 1/2 tee spoon
- Milk dry "Burenka" - 2 table spoon on 1 glass of water
- Fat - 3 table spoon
- Yeast dry - 11 g.
- Water warm - 1/4 glasses
- Flour - 3.5 glasses.

Instructions on preparation:

To mix cocoa with the dried milk dissolved with water, sugar and salt. To dissolve yeast in water, and then to add to this mix. To add a flour and mix up the soft dough. To allow to the test to approach approximately twice, and to knead once again. At this stage it is possible to add a glass of walnuts. To unroll the dough and to generate roll. To lay out roll on greased with fat baking sheet and to allow to the test to approach once again. To bake at 170оС about an hour.


Bon appetit!


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