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Trade marks

Question our buyers often ask us: where it is possible to get your production? Why practically it is not visible your advertising? Position of principle Prosto Petro Group on this question the following: an advertising minimum, a quality maximum under the reasonable price. As it is known, the consumer pays for any advertising, finally. For this reason the goods of those manufacturers which show the greatest advertising activity most cost much. We adhere to other concept - instead of including advertising costs on advancement; in the goods price, we prefer not to have these costs simply. You not get a sight of our advertising in glossy magazines, free newspapers, programs of telecasts, on billboards; will not meet in shops of the promoters, busily offering to taste production. The basic idea consists in active cooperation with retail networks: granting of competitive prices and attractive conditions of cooperation. We always remember simple true: it is possible to stimulate with advertising only the first purchase, but only high quality of a product will force the buyer to return behind it once again. And still, returning to the question set in the beginning: where to buy production Prosto Petro Group?

In the first years of development the firm carried out sales only in St.-Petersburg, but a year later we left on national and then on the international level. At the moment we deliver the production in retail networks in more than 70 regions of Russia. The goods under trade marks Prosto Petro Group decorate regiments of many large supermarkets, regional and federal trading networks, the big shops and shops of "step-by-step availability". Today our production can be got practically in any large Russian city.



Chain store systems

  • Piterskoe
  • Lend
  • Mera-market
  • Sezon
  • 7-ya
  • Idea
  • Diksi


  • Nevskiy
  • Severnyi
  • Narodnyi


  • The Chain store system "Romashka"




  • The Chain store system "BILLA"
  • The Chain store system "BIN"


  • The Chain store system "Europe"
  • The Chain store system "Ekonom"
  • The Chain store system Magic"
  • The Chain store system "S-ocean"


  • The Chain store system of "Man"
  • The Chain store system "Ekonom"
  • The Hypermarket "Kiwi"
  • all large shops of a city


We use raw materials of the world's largest manufacturers
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