Prosto Petro Group

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Historically, St. Petersburg has always been the key market for our company. During our first years of operations the company used to carry out sales only in St. Petersburg. Later, we have gone out on a national and international levels.

Prosto Petro Group has built its customer distribution via two channels: directly with our own sales department and with wholesale intermediaries.

Directly, without network stores, the company covers hundreds of retail outlets. The conditions of work depend on the ability of stores to sell our products in enough volume (minimum supply - 6 boxes in stock) and the terms of payment conformity. From our company we provide:

- competitive products of famous brands;

- base price discounts depending on the volume of purchases and payment terms (the store can receive an additional discount by paying for the delivery after delivery or receiving the goods on a prepaid basis);

- free delivery within the city and strict observance of delivery dates: any ordered goods are delivered on the next working day;

- the possibility of obtaining a deferment of payments up to 15 banking days;

- necessary marketing and advertising support.

Working with the Prosto Petro Group begins with our sales representative who visit your shops in order to assess the capabilities of the store (location, retail space, equipment) and to give advice on the choice of product range, based on the capabilities of the outlet. Supply volumes, their frequency, terms of payment and other aspects of future cooperation are also discussed. As a result of the negotiations the agreements are reached and fixed in the supply agreement. Text of the standard agreement is given under the link:


If you represent a store or a small retail network and and consider the possibility of cooperation with our company we recommend you to contact the Prosto Petro Group specialist in the city sales department by phone or e-mail specified in the "Contacts" section.