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Condensed milk

The condensed milk «Burenka» is scrumptious a delicacy pleasing both children, and adults, and also - a component favorite by much mistresses for preparation in house conditions of creams, pies, fruitcakes.

The wide range of tastes of a product allows to expand assortment of let out products and to satisfy taste of each consumer. We offer «Condensed boiled milk» with a mass fraction of fat of 8,5 % and 11 % with following tastes and additives: classical taste of boiled condensed milk, a cream-brjule, from cocoa, from coffee, with aroma of a wood nut.
Appearance and product consistence: homogeneous viscous weight; color: from beige to dark brown (depending on a grade of production and brought fillers); taste and a smell: sweet, with taste and aroma of brought fillers, without extraneous tastes and smells.
We use raw materials of the world's largest manufacturers
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