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Desserts marshmallow

Due to its unique features, such as light and airy texture, capability to keep its shape for a long time, delicious and various flavors the marshmallow soufflé can be widely used not only in confectioneries, yet it will be a delicatesse for many – young and older – sweet teeth as one of the most tasty dessert.

The Marshmallow Dessert Alisa is an all natural product containing neither artificial colors nor conserving agents! It is safe to be recommended as an awesome treat for kids. You may spread it on a cookie or a cake, you may fill waffle cone or rolls with it; you may use it as interlayer for your sponge cake or may eat it as it is – with a spoon!

This product is functional as much as the limits of your imagination… Besides its unique taste and functionality the Marshmallow Dessert Alisa has another one valuable aspect that will be appreciated by people watching their weight – it contains less calories comparing to other confectionery. It is just a lucky strike for you, It girls!

Housekeepers for record: the marshmallow dessert is great filler for waffle tart shells and rolls of any type as well as a decorative element for homemade pies and cakes, and your family will doubtlessly appreciate it.

Marshmallow Dessert Alisa produced by Prosto Perto Group complies with the strictest food production process requirements and ensures amazing taste of ready-to-eat products.

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