Prosto Petro Group

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We realise that in the world of a competition and the wide offer it is difficult enough to be defined with a choice of the goods which most full answered your inquiries. Nevertheless, there are, in our opinion, some competitive advantages which as we hope, will allow to stop your choice on production of our company.


  • In manufacture the high-quality and non-polluting raw materials delivered throughout many years by leading European manufacturers and providing almost reference quality of finished goods are used only;
  • Manufacture process occurs on the newest equipment providing best organoleptical property of products, at constant technological and sanitary control: at factory own laboratory accredited "Test-Saint-Petersburg" of Gosstandart of Russia which checks each consignment of goods works;
  • All production hypoallergic also does not contain the additives which application could harm to consumer health; thus the overwhelming majority of production at all does not contain some chemical preservatives;
  • The marketing policy of the company directed on as much as possible full satisfaction of requirements of people with different level of the income, and wide assortment a matrix give possibilities for a choice of the goods of various price categories without significant distinctions in quality;
  • Modern ergonomic packing and excellent design allow our production to be allocated favourably among competing trade marks;
  • For ours distributors marketing support and flexible system of discounts and bonuses is provided, the program of granting of the commodity credit and a delay of payments operates;
  • Presence of branches of the company in different regions of the country – Northwest, Central and in Eastern Siberia – allows to optimize schemes of delivery of the goods to regional trading networks and end users;
  • For retailers and other trading organizations it is developed and the production project under private trade marks is successfully realized.