Prosto Petro Group

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Prosto Petro Group is the largest producer of chocolate spreads in Russia, as well as a reliable supplier of raw materials and ingredients for food industry companies. More than 25 years of successful work and consistent quality of products have allowed us to gain the trust of millions of customers.

Prosto Petro Group is a modern production line in St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk with its own equipment, laboratory and careful quality control at all stages.

The company's branches in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Novosibirsk have equipped warehouses of products for prompt shipment to the regions.


производство сухого молока



The presence of several production lines allows to produce chocolate spreads, milk powder substitute, instant cocoa, boiled condensed milk, glaze, as well as products for confectionery industries around the clock.


фасовка спреда


A special direction in the work of Prosto Petro Group is the supply of raw materials for food production. The quality of raw materials and the stability of supplies are ensured by cooperation with leading foreign suppliers:



Within the framework of the "Private label" project, we produce products under the trademarks of our partners, in particular, products of the following brands: "Alice" for "Alice" Trade House, "Lucky days" for the company "Tunder" (Magnit store chain), "Cuisine royale", "Ukhtyshki", "Charlize", "Bonte" – for X5 Retail Group, "365 days" for the Lenta chain of stores.



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