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Confectionery fillings

Application of confectionery and dessert fillers.

Confectionery, bakery and dessert (cake cheese bars, ice-cream etc.) fillers shall be produced under special technology and have special characteristics. This will ensure your products to have required organoleptic indicators, ready-for-sale condition and successful sales. Prosto Petro Group offers you different types of confectionery fillers at attractive for customers prices. This quality will never disappoint you. Fat base fillers are presently in wide use as layer for cakes, pies, waffle sweets, rolls as well as buns, croissants, ice-cream and cake cheese bars. Our confectionary fillers and dessert fillers do not flake away at long term storage. They are an ideal match for either egg sponge and short paste or puff, yeast-containing dough and flour and water paste.

Heat-resistant fillers and ice-cream fillers requirements.

Filler of a –ready-to-eat products after baking shall have its initial color, flavor, shape and taste qualities. Heat-resistant fillers of high-quality raw materials may keep their qualities up to high temperatures within 240°C. They have high plasticity throughout the entire range of allowable temperatures, glossing top coat and high-resistant to oxidation as they have hydrolytic stability.