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Marshmallow soufflé. Peculiarities and confectionery production application.

Due to its unique qualities light and airy texture, capability to keep its shape continuously, delicious and tasty flavors the marshmallow soufflé may be widely applied in confectionery production.

This soufflé has special value during summer time as it keeps its initial shape much better in comparison to creams on fat bases. Due to this unique features the marshmallow soufflé is a great option for filling various waffle tart shells or rolls as well as a decorative element of pies and cakes.

Marshmallow soufflé has one essential and undeniable advantage comparing to protein-based creams. It is known that any mistake in protein-based cream production may lead to flowing of protein and end product spoiling. Marshmallow soufflé is more preferable from this point of view as it completely eliminate unpleasant aftereffects and its wonderful taste and shape keep for a long.

Marshmallow soufflé produced by Prosto Petro Group complies with the strictest food production process requirements and ensures amazing taste of ready-to-eat products. You may always buy our marshmallow soufflé wholesale, with various flavors to supply your production facilities demands. Please, address and make orders!