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Trade marks

Our company is ready to offer a large selection of raw materials and ingredients for various food industries.

We provide our customers with delivery support from our warehouse to the customer's door; warehousing and logistics system allows us to work with regions throughout Russia.

We are always ready to provide our clients with consulting assistance.

Our experts will provide all the necessary information, make calculations and send a proposal for products, prices for it, as well as opportunities for delivery, etc.


  • Dry skim milk,
  • Dry whole milk,
  • Dry dairy whey.


Development of own manufacture and new possibilities on production import has allowed to expand assortment of offered components for the food-processing industry. 

Today we deliver:


  • dry whole milk and dry skim milk of manufacture of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus;
  • dry dairy whey (EU);
  • palm-oil (Asia);
  • concentrates of coconut and palm fats (EU).


Besides, Prosto Petro Group it is ready to deliver under the order of the client following kinds of raw materials:


  • the hydrogenated palm-oil (hydropalm) of manufacture of the countries of Asia and EU;
  • the hydrogenated fractions of palm-oil (hydroolein) - Asia, EU;
  • coconut oil (Asia, EU);
  • dairy fat, soya oil (bulk) - EU;
  • a powder of pods of a carob tree (carob) - Asia, EU.


All delivered production has necessary certificates and corresponds to the highest requirements. Moreover, the given raw materials are used by us by manufacture of own production for which quality we answer before the consumer and, hence, all components pass captious test by technologists of the company about conformity to quality requirements on ISO9001.

Delivery ingredients

However, it would be wrong it will be limited to a mention here only distibuted raw materials of our firm. Prosto Petro Group - one of leading manufacturers of components for the confectionery industry in Russia. We carry out deliveries of raw materials of own manufacture - chocolate pastes and boiled condensed milk in industrial container - in any point of Russia and the CIS. In section "Our production/for of the enterprises food-processing industry" you can familiarize with assortment of raw production of manufacture Prosto Petro Group offered consumers. Deliveries are made from our warehouses in St.-Petersburg, Moscow and Novosibirsk.


We use raw materials of the world's largest manufacturers
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