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Confectionary glaze

Application of confectionery glaze

Confectionery glaze is known to be refined mass of sugar, cocoa butter substitute, cocoa powder with or without flavors and flavoring substances.

The coating has two major features causing its application in food production. The first of these features is taste and nutrition profiling. Confectionary, dairy and bakery products covered or decorated by confectionary glaze gain extra nutrition value of end product. Additionally, longer shelf-life is another quality of confectionary glaze as it prevents a product from drying. In addition, glazed quality products are good in appearance, which makes it more attractive for customers and gives it additional consumer performance.

Chocolate drops and blocks – the best shapes!

Confectionery glaze of LLC Peterpak (Prosto Petro Group) produced basing on high-quality solid non-tempering cocoa butter substitute of lauric type. We are glad to provide our customers with an option to buy either wholesale or retail our chocolate glaze at affordable prices.

Major raw material of the cocoa butter substitute production is palm kerned oil. Rich in solid triglycerides in the fat at 30°C (48% as min) provides glaze gloss upon cooling as well as resistance to fat bloom. Product line is as follows:

- confectionary glaze (including, chocolate drops (flat drops) or blocks up to 10 kg as net weight),

- white confectionery glaze (chocolate drops or blocks up to 10 kg as net weight),

- chocolate glaze for ice-cream with vegetable fat (in plastic buckets, net weight 20 kg.)

It is produced either in traditional dark color or in white color.

Application hints

Before coating the products it is recommended to melt confectionary glaze up to 50-55°C keeping it stirring until it gets homogenous consistency. Recommended temperature of glaze for product coating is 40°C. Compliance with storage conditions and moisture prevention to avoid fat hydrolysis releasing lauric acid that in its turn provides the products with distasteful soapy flavor is an essential condition of application in food production a confectionery glaze produced on cocoa butter substitute of lauric type. Additionally to avoid soapy flavor it is not recommended to coat with a glaze of this type any products rich in moisture (for example, candies with fondant creamy centers or jelly centers, “Ptichye Moloko” /Pigeon Milk/ candies).

Advantages of lauric glaze

Most food facilities dealing with candies, cookies, marshmallow, pastille, waffles, coated cake cheese bars, ice-cream and other products prefer to use glaze of lauric cocoa butter substitute due to many reasons:

- no need to temper,

- gloss of coated products,

- solid texture,

- quick and entire melting in the mouth,

- lack of waxing effect,

- good taste,

- resistance to fat bloom,

- long shelf life,

- low price in comparison to chocolate glaze and any glaze produced of non-lauric cocoa butter substitutes.

Confectionery glaze produced by LLC Peterpak complies with the strictest food production process requirements and ensures amazing taste of ready-to-eat products. You may always buy our chocolate glaze of any type in accordance with your production needs. Please, address and make orders!