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Confectionery glaze Technical Specifications 9125-024-52176062-2009

Confectionery glaze is produced based on non-tempering cocoa butter substitute of lauric type. This glaze is meant for full and partial glazing as well as decorating of confectionery products which is to include pastry, cake cheese bars and other food products. Prior using and in order to make it fluid you should warm up the glaze with ongoing stirring up to 40°С. This glaze does not require tempering. Please, avoid getting moisture into the glaze!
Organoleptic indicators:
consistency at the temperature 16-18°С is solid, 38-40°С is fluid.
Color: from light brown (melted) to dark brown (solid)
inner and outer bloom is acceptable
moisture content, in %, does not exceed 2,0
fat content, in %, 33,5 – 37,0
sugar content in total (in equivalent of sucrose), in %, 55,0 – 58,0
grinding degree (by Reutov), in %, at least 92,0
viscosity, poise 40 – 94
ash content insoluble in 10% solution of hydrochloric acid, in %, does not exceed 0,1
carton box with plastic liner bag, net weight is 15 kg.
Storage conditions:
At the temperature (18 ± 3)°С and relative humidity not exceeding 75%
Shelf life is 12 months.