Prosto Petro Group

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Prosto Petro Group offers various groups of consumers wide assortment of production: here both a ready foodstuff, and raw materials for the food-processing industry enterprises, made at own enterprises; here and various components delivered on the Russian market from the largest manufacturers of the CIS countries, Europe, Asia and Americas. Prosto Petro Group is the distributor of such companies as: Cargill, Felda, Unimills, Euroserum, Kievit, Sierolat, Hoogwegt, Roquette, Misim Mas... All imported raw materials of the highest quality also correspond to the most rigid sanitary code. The partners choosing us as the supplier, it is guaranteed receive only certificated production. Precisely in time and in the demanded volume.

Our firm gives particular attention to production of own manufacture: everything that bears on itself logo Prosto Petro Group should be the best. Any compromises! The assortment is presented by a wide choice of the chocolate pastes, let out under various trade marks for various consumer groups; dry mixes: product containing milk preservation of various fat content, mashed potatoes and flakes, instant cocoa; boiled condenced milk: as classical, and with various tastes - cocoa, a cream-brule, a wood nut; spreds 40 % and 60 % of fat content; natural whipped cream of 30 % of fat content. All commodity matrix is organised in such a manner that the consumer, buying production with sign Prosto Petro Group, has possibility to use it the whole day long: for a breakfast, a dinner and a supper.

Separate direction in manufacture the firm develops the project «brand» in which frameworks lets out the goods under various private trade marks. As the basic customers the largest Russian trading networks here act: Pjatyorochka, the Magnet, the Lenta, etc. With active retail development last years is a direction of activity Prosto Petro Group has had an additional impulse of development and now volume of made production under private marks is comparable to volume of production made by firm under own brands.