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Trade marks

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Srpead - a traditional product for Prosto Petro Group. For some years we have learnt it to do rather tasty and useful.

It is a product not only quite comparable to the cow oil, but also on some parametres - to vitamins and practically a cholesterol total absence - surpassing it. For the western consumers spreads for a long time became habitual, from 10 purchases of oil in the West 8 it is necessary on them. At the same time in Russia where consumers prefer to buy traditional products, the share of spreads remained until recently is rather low. First of all it has been connected not so much with habits and traditions, how many with quality of production, in many cases leaving wish the best. With development of technologies, occurrence of new manufacturers and gradual saturation of the market by qualitative production the buyer had a choice possibility. Today more and more people prefers to traditional cow oil of oil on the basis of vegetative components. The reason is that to taste such oil concedes creamy a little, and in degree of utility for an organism - surpasses it. The basic difference - the lowered fat content and absence of cholesterol that is important for those who adheres to a diet and a healthy way of life.

Now on regiments of shops the large quantity various spreds lies and the consumer quite often guesses, than they differ from each other. Spreads "Burenka" allocates pure creamy taste, absence of greasiness and fine storage. And - it is final - the reasonable price.

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Chocolate Spreads

Prosto Petro Group offers fans sweet chocolate-nut and chocolate-dairy spread under various trade marks.

Now many companies start to offer the consumer various spreads Than in this situation our company and production under our trade marks differs? The majority of the companies making today in Russia chocolate spreads, only recently have chosen this direction of manufacture. For us this strategic direction by which we are taken many years. Differently, we are able to do it and we know how to make a tasty product which is pleasant to consumers. Buying spreads under our trade marks, you can be assured that buy the best product in the market.

The cocoa which are one of the major components in our spreads, possesses a number of useful properties. The microcells containing in it, increase working capacity, stimulate cerebration, improve memory and even are capable to help to cope to the person with depression, raising mood.

Prosto Petro Group - the largest manufacturer for today of chocolate spreads in Russia. The modern equipment and the newest technologies used by the company, allow to meet all necessary conditions for production of world level.

For ten years of work our company has managed to achieve that brands - "Burenka", "Bureshka", "Belisa" and "Tikli" - became known for to buyers in all regions of Russia and a number of foreign countries.

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The condensed milk 

«Condensed boiled milk «Burenka» is scrumptious a delicacy pleasing both children, and adults, and also - a component favorite by much mistresses for preparation in house conditions of creams, pies, fruitcakes.

The wide range of tastes of a product allows to expand assortment of let out products and to satisfy taste of each consumer. We offer «Condensed boiled milk» with a mass fraction of fat of 8,5 % and 11 % with following tastes and additives: classical taste of boiled condensed milk, a cream-brjule, from cocoa, from coffee, with aroma of a wood nut.

Appearance and product consistence: homogeneous viscous weight; color: from beige to dark brown (depending on a grade of production and brought fillers); taste and a smell: sweet, with taste and aroma of brought fillers, without extraneous tastes and smells.

«Condensed boiled milk «Burenka» - a brand, as a symbol of quality from Prosto Petro Group.

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Dried milk and cream

The popular belief that dried milk is a substitute usual, as though "milk of the second grade". It not so. As water has some modular conditions and can be, for example, firm, and the cow milk can be dry, keeping thus the basic primary properties.

In the market of packed up dry milk Prosto Petro Group takes in the lead positions not casually. Our milk is perfectly dissolved, does not form lumps and a deposit, - 3 minutes and in your cup are ready the present cow milk. Dried milk "Burenka" is the product doing a life it is more convenient.

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Cocoa was applied in food by Indians since the most ancient times of blossoming of their civilizations but as a modern drink became popular rather recently. In Russia tradition to drink cocoa with honey has appeared at Peter the Great. Today we hardly probable can imagine our life without cocoa and chocolate. The drink from cocoa-beans is rich with the most useful vitamins В1 and В2, and also such micro-cells as calcium, kalium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and fluorine. It contains the antioxidants interfering ageing of an organism and reducing risk of various diseases of cardiovascular system. Cocoa promotes increase of working capacity, a lucidity of mind, memory improvement, thus without harming to an organism. At the expense of expansion of vessels of a brain and to the maintenance flavanols, cocoa promotes normalization and decrease in arterial pressure. Besides it, cocoa deduces cholesterol that improves a condition of vessels from an organism and interferes with their sclerosis and corking. As in cocoa-beans fiber and dietary fibre contains natural, this drink is nourishing, but not influencing occurrence of excessive weight. The fluorine containing in this wonderful product, strengthens enamel of a teeth and prevents caries development. Calcium is very useful to structure of bones and joints, health of hair, nails and a teeth. Therefore, undoubtedly, it is possible to name cocoa a beauty and health product. And, at last, it is simply tasty!


Now on regiments of shops it is possible to meet cocoa under brands known all over the world. In it to a number of "Tikli" it is not lost: children love our cocoa because it is rather tasty and fragrant drink, parents - because it is useful to their children and gives them necessary nutrients. Besides, cocoa "Tikli" manages more cheaply foreign marks.


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Whipped cream

Whipped cream - a product for mistresses with the imagination, preferring not to buy pies, cakes and desserts, and to do their. Whipped cream "Burenka" is the qualitative product made in Germany by request and under a trade mark of our company. Their taste will decorate and will enrich any dessert dish. Also it is not necessary to forget that whipped cream in such packing is a fine additive for coffee.


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