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Whole milk powder

There is an opinion that milk powder production method by drying of natural cow milk originates from the time of great discoveries. It was convenient for the travelers to keep this light product of long shelf life of the same nutrition qualities as fresh milk. Non-fat milk powder production in the industrial scale started just in the beginning of 20th century.

Wide sale of milk powder today is explained by wide application of this valuable nutritious rich in fats product.

Wide application of milk powder presently can hardly be overestimated. This product is used everywhere either for homemade dishes or production of different food products. Milk powder is a component of every thing – infant milk and dry porridges, any types of bake and cookies, bred and pasta, yogurts, ice-cream and bakery, meat and milk products.

Industrial production of milk powder at Prosto Petro Group facilities goes under strict compliance with any required technology standards. Production process involves brand new equipment ensuring better organoleptic qualities of milk powder with ongoing technology and sanitary control: the plant has its own laboratory accredited by the Federal State Institution Test-Saint-Petersburg of Russia GosStandard checking each batch of production and its compliance to standards in terms of chemical composition.

Prosto Petro Group offers milk powder wholesale at beneficial prices. There is a good reason for us to hold leading position in the market. Our milk powder blends well without knobs and residues.