Prosto Petro Group

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Private Label

Prosto Petro Group offers you to place your order at the production facilities of the company for production of good goods under your own brand. As far as our company does not pay cost of your goods promotion we may offer you the most competitive prices. Thus, you will get perspectives to come in the market with a new product at the competitive price, as well as to expand your product line. Additionally the use of your own brands will give a chance to your company to strengthen the positions in the consumer market and build a stable cluster of regular customers.


We have accumulated a lot of experience in this kind of cooperation: we produce chocolate spreads "Charlize", "Bonte" and "Cuisine Royale" for X5 Retail Group, "365 days" - for the “Lenta” chain of stores, chocolate spread "Lucky Days" for the “Magnit” chain of stores, as well as chocolate spreads for the Alice trading company.

We offer various types of products and packaging, depending on your needs and market.


Product line Package Weight  
Chocolate spread plastic and/or glass tin from 200 gr. to 750 gr. Chocolate and nut and/or chocolate and milk (DUO) spreads
dried packed products including milk-containing one carton box with metalized liner bag 200 gr. – 400 gr. Any dried mixtures of bakery group which is to include vitamin mixes
spreads plastic package (tin) 250 gr. – 500 gr. Oil and fat spread: fat content is 35% - 60%