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Instant cocoa

Cocoa was applied in food by Indians since the most ancient times of blossoming of their civilizations but as a modern drink became popular rather recently. In Russia tradition to drink cocoa with honey has appeared at Peter the Great. Today we hardly probable can imagine our life without cocoa and chocolate. The drink from cocoa-beans is rich with the most useful vitamins В1 and В2, and also such micro-cells as calcium, kalium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and fluorine. It contains the antioxidants interfering ageing of an organism and reducing risk of various diseases of cardiovascular system. Cocoa promotes increase of working capacity, a lucidity of mind, memory improvement, thus without harming to an organism. At the expense of expansion of vessels of a brain and to the maintenance flavanols, cocoa promotes normalization and decrease in arterial pressure. Besides it, cocoa deduces cholesterol that improves a condition of vessels from an organism and interferes with their sclerosis and corking. As in cocoa-beans fiber and dietary fibre contains natural, this drink is nourishing, but not influencing occurrence of excessive weight. The fluorine containing in this wonderful product, strengthens enamel of a teeth and prevents caries development. Calcium is very useful to structure of bones and joints, health of hair, nails and a teeth. Therefore, undoubtedly, it is possible to name cocoa a beauty and health product. And, at last, it is simply tasty!

Now on regiments of shops it is possible to meet cocoa under brands known all over the world. In it to a number of "Tikli" it is not lost: children love our cocoa because it is rather tasty and fragrant drink, parents - because it is useful to their children and gives them necessary nutrients. Besides, cocoa "Tikli" manages more cheaply foreign marks.