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Spread - a traditional product for Prosto Petro Group. For some years we have learned to do its rather tasty and useful.
In the beginning of 2003 to earlier issued 60 % spread was added easier - 40 %. We have made it especially for those who look after calories. Spread - a product not only comparable to the cow oil, but also on some parameters - to vitamins and the low maintenance of cholesterol - surpassing it. For the western consumers spreads, for a long time, became habitual, from 10 purchases of oil in the West 8 suit on them. ПAt the same time in Russia, where consumers prefer to buy traditional products, the share of spreads remained until recently is rather low. First of all it has been connected not so much with habits and traditions, how many with quality of production, in many cases leaving much to be desired. With development of technologies, occurrence of new manufacturers and gradual saturation of the market by qualitative production, the consumers had an opportunity of a choice. Today more people prefer oil on the basis of vegetative components what traditional cow oil. The reason is that the taste of such oil just as good as cream butter, and on a degree of utility for an organism - surpasses it. The basic difference - the lowered fat content and the low contents of cholesterol, that is important for those, who adheres to a diet and a healthy way of life.
Now on the shop’s shelves lays the huge quantity several of spreads and the consumer quite often guesses, than they differ from each other. Prosto Petro Group always guarantees to you high quality of production provided by application only best raw material from leaders European and the world manufacturers, the modern equipment and the newest technologies, strict sanitary norms. Spreads "Burenka" allocates pure creamy taste, absence of greasiness and fine storage. And, certainly, the reasonable price.