Prosto Petro Group

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Chocolate spreads

Prosto Petro Group offers to fans of sweet chocolate-nut and chocolate-milky spreads under various trade marks.
Many companies start to offer the consumer various pastes now. Than in this situation our company and production under our trade marks differs? The majority of the companies only recently have chosen this direction of manufacture. For us this is strategic direction which we are engaged many years. Differently, we are able to do it; we know how to make a tasty product which is pleasant to consumers. Buying pastes under our trade marks, you can be assured, that buy them from professionals of the business.
Besides we make spreads on the basis of cocoa-powder. Cocoa, without which there is no chocolate, possesses a number of useful properties. The micro cells containing in it, increase working capacity, stimulate cerebration, improve memory and even are capable to help to cope to the person with depression, raising mood.

Prosto Petro Group — one of the largest manufacturers of this product in Russia. In a field of activity of the company not only manufacture, but also wholesale — we carry out deliveries of a cream by the gross in any point of Russia and the CIS. The leading foreign suppliers cooperating with us provide quality of production and stability of deliveries. And the modern equipment and the newest of "know-how" used by the company, allow observing all necessary conditions of manufacture.