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Сhocolate spreads

Chocolate spreads of Prosto Petro Group ensure you to have festive board every day. Indeed this product is very delicious and universal; it is good either for delicious desserts or cooking of any sweets. Chocolate spread production is based on natural products only. No conserving agents. No GMO. This spread is supposed to be great topping for crumpets, cheese cakes and buns. Various chocolate and milk as well as chocolate and nuts spreads have an extremely wide range of application. They can be used not only as a ready-to-eat product but also as ingredients to produce different confectionery. That is why chocolate spread production is one of the main direction of our activities. We are ready to offer this product to various customers (either retail and confectionery facilities, or food distributors) at the best wholesale prices as of today.

Our products are always goods of high quality that will never let you down! Moreover, cooperation with Prosto Petro Group always means attractive prices, timely supplies and marketing support.

Our chocolate and milk spreads have great taste. This is a strategy direction for us that we have been developing for many years. Buying chocolate spreads of our brands you may always be sure you buy them from a Top Gun. Presently the Internet offers a lot of homemade chocolate spread recipes. However an ideal texture, taste, color and flavor may only be obtained by proper mix of the ingredients which is possible at the production facilities only. Today our company is a leader among similar product manufacturers. We hope that you and your customers will worthily appreciate our products!