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Caramelized milk

Boiled condensed milk "Burenka". General purpose

Boiled condensed milk is a wonderful filling (or one of its main components) in the production of confectionery products such as cakes, pastries, waffles, cookies, muffins, etc., as well as ice cream and with fillings. Different names and tastes of condensed milk allow us to expand the range of products and satisfy the taste of each consumer, especially since our boiled condensed milk is distinguished by high quality and a plastic consistency.

Boiled condensed milk is an indispensable component used by many domestic manufacturers of baked confectionery products: cakes, cookies, waffles and other delicacies.

A wide range of product tastes, various proven formulations, modern technologies, a high level of quality and guarantees of compliance with this level allow us to satisfy the most demanding customers. We offer “Boiled condensed milk” with a fat content of 8.5%, 11% and 20%.

To buy condensed milk in bulk at attractive prices offered by the company "Prosto Petro Group". Our products are always of high quality, we responsibly approach the fulfillment of orders, you can rely on us, no matter how large your order is. Production and sale of condensed milk is one of our main activities.

Our reserves and the scheme of work allow us to buy condensed milk to both large enterprises and small organizations. Bulk purchases for each order are considered individually, may involve both relatively small batches of goods and large volumes.

Prosto Petro Group is one of the leaders in the production of this product in the North-West region of Russia, as evidenced by the company's steady reputation in the market.