Prosto Petro Group

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For retail & stores

Prosto Petro Group offers a wide range of products from premium to economy and provides opportunities to choose products of various price categories.

"Burenka" and "Bureshka" are traditional brands of Prosto Petro Group. For many years they symbolize the success of the company. Products under these brands are distinguished by the exceptionally high quality containing only the best ingredients. Therefore, these trademarks are positioned on the market as a brand of middle class goods.

“Tikli” is a brand created for children and adults who want to treat themselves to delicious and high-quality sweets and drinks, not at the expense of the family budget.

When creating the trademark "Belisa", we thought about those numerous lovers of chocolate spread for whom the price is of considerable importance. Good quality at an affordable price is the motto of the brand!

"Carna le Vale" is a dream of gourmets and sweet tooth. Only the best at a reasonable price. The products of this brand always meet the high demand of discerning buyers and are positioned as high-middle class.