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Chocolate and milk spreads

  • Chocolate
  • chocolate and nuts
  • milk

General purpose:
Spreads are used in the production of confectionery and bakery food, croissants, pies, cakes, ice-cream, etc.Prosto Petro Group Groups of Companies has its own production of chocolate spreads ensuring the company to deal with order of any scope as well as to improve recipes in accordance with the customer’s demands.

Organoleptic indicators:
lavor and odor:
pure, with typical flavor characteristics to this sort.
Color: chocolate and nuts spreads are from light brown to dark brown; milk spreads are from white to creamish.
Consistency:at the temperature 18°С:homogeneous, plastic.

Content in 100 gr of product:
protein: 2,4 gr
fat: 36 gr.
carbohydrates: 45 gr.
Energy value: 513 kcal.

Corrugated boxes with plastic liner nag of 20 kg.

Storage conditions and shelf life:
store in a place with temperature not exceeding 18°С
Shelf life –is 12 months