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Palm Oil 36-39


General purpose:
Palm Oil 36-39 confectionery fat used in the production of pies, cakes, biscuits, cookies etc. it is used in diary industry in the production of integrated dairy products: condensed milk, sour cream, butter, cheeses, etc.
Physical and chemical features:
fat content: >99.9%
hardened fat content in %:
at 15°С 40-52
at 20°С 20-35
at 25°С 12-20
at 30°С 5-10
at 35°С 3-6
melting point: 36-39С
energy value:900 kcal/100 gr.
peroxide index: 1 milliequivalent/kg. max.
free fatty acids: 0,1% max.
iodine index: 55-65.
Organoleptic indicators:
odor: no odor
flavor: neutral.
Storage conditions:
store in dry place at the temperature not exceeding 18°С
Shelf life:
use within 24 months from the production date.
Package:Polymer bag in a carton box of 20 kg.
Produced in Malaysia.