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Locust pods powder (carob)


General information:

Carob is an ideal substitute of cocoa and sugar in chocolate and confectionary recipes. It is 100% natural product produced of locust pods powder firstly roasted and then grinded into powder, resembling cocoa by its flavorу and odor. It is supplied in various colors and flavors depending roasting degree. Despite of cocoa carob contains almost no fats, caffeine and theobromine, stimulating agents. It has a high content sugar (sucrose, glucose and fructose) and pectin and is characterized by its low energy content. Therefore, carob is an excellent sugar substitute. Its natural sweet flavor (sweetness is equal to 0,50-0,60 of sugar sweetness) is used to improve odor and flavor of various foods. This product is also rich in vitamins (A, Bl, B2, D) and minerals (ferrum, calcium and phosphorus) and is balanced in terms of natrium and potassium content.


Carob may be used to produce chocolate and chocolate butter, cakes, biscuits, milk shakes, cocoa containing drinks, diet sauces, porridges, candies, ice-cream and chocolate mass fillers. It may be used for partial substitution of cocoa powder and sugar, and not only due to its low prices but also due to its organoleptic properties (in particular, thanks to its hypoallergenic qualities). Presently carob is actively applied in the field wherein its application has been rare. For example, it is used in diary industry for cheese production as natural. Yet it is used in cosmetics industry for scrub production.
There are some recommendations of carob application from foreign and Russian manufacturers:

Chocolate glaze

Does not require additional flavorants and additional fats at 10% substitution of cocoa powder. Cookies, confectionary. Flavor and fat adjustment is not required at 50% substitution of cocoa powder. It is recommended to reduce sugar in recipe. Due to increase of bound water weight of ready-to-eat products increases by 3%.

Chocolate butter

Flavor adjustment is not required at 20% substitution of cocoa powder. There is insignificant flavor change at 30% substitution. Flavor adjustment is compulsory when substitution exceeds 30%.

Chocolate spreads

Carob: 8-10% by weight, cocoa powder: 4-6% by weight, sugar, vegetable fat, dried sweet whey, dried corn syrup, lactose, soy lecithin, flavorant, salt.

Nut spreads

Carob: 15-26% by weight, non- hydrogenated vegetable fat, dried corn syrup, hazelnut 13%, soybean meal, lecithin, flavorant.

Cocoa-containing drinks

Up to 100% substitution of cocoa powder to create new flavors or partial substitution up to 30% with flavor adjustment.


Physical and chemical features:





Raw/untreated fibers


Sugar, including:

30-38% including:

                                   - sucrose

              - 20-28%

                                  - glucose

              - 3-4,5%

                                  - fructose

              - 2-4%

                                   - - xylose

              - 0,3-0,5%

                                   - galactose

              - 0,2-0,5%

                                  - mannitoza

              - 0,1-0,2%

                                  - arabinose

              - 0,1-0,4%

Soluble pectins


Soluble polyphenols


Other carbohydrates








Other carbohydrates




Ash content/minerals, including:


                                   - calcium

            - 0,3-0,6%

                                   - natrium

            - 0,05-0,2%

                                   - phosphorus

            - 0,05-0,1%

                                   - potassium

            - 1-1,4%

 PH PH - index



Microbial attributes:

Bacteria total number

< 5000 / gr.

  Bacteria Coli

N/A / 1 gr.

  1. coli

N/A / 1 gr.


N/A / 750 gr.

Yeast and fungal

< 100/ g


Organoleptic indicators:
Odor: bland vegetable odor 
flavor: flat.

Storage conditions:
in proper condition in dark and dry place, unpacked.

Shelf life:
Use within 24 months from the production date.

25kg paper and plastic multilayer bags.