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Marshmallow soufflé


General purpose
This product is meant to be used as ready-to-use interlayer, filler and decorative element in the production of filled pastries and other food products. Prior to decoration you should stir soufflé vigorously. Tender consistency of this product ensures its easy filling inside and applying over the surface of products by manual and mechanical means.
Physical and chemical features:
Dry solids weight ratio: 78-80%;
ash content insoluble in 10% solution of hydrochloric acid, in %, does not exceed 0,05%.
Sulphurous acid content, in %, does not exceed 0,01%
toxic agents, mycotoxins, pesticides and radionuclides; microbial attributes: SanPiN (Sanitary Regulations and Standards) « Hygienic requirements for safety and nutritional value of food »;
Organoleptic indicators
Flavor and odor: sweet, with flavor and odorом of added flavorants, with no off-flavors and off-odors.
Color: corresponds to filled flavor, homogeneous in its mass;
Consistency: homogeneous mass of foam type, with no extraneous inclusions.
Storage conditions and shelf life
4 months, at the temperature (15-21)°С relative humidity not exceeding 75%.
sealed-off plastic container, net weight is up to 25 kg