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Heat-resistant confectionery fillers Technical Specifications 9129-023-52176062-2009


These products are applied as ready-to-use heat-resistant fillers to interlay, fill in and decorate surfaces in the process of production of pastry with fillers and other food products. These fillers are resistant to heat while baking and are resistant to freeze with further defrostation without changing organoleptic, physical and chemical features. Tender consistency of heat-resistant filler provides its easy filling inside and applying over the surface of products by manual and mechanical means.

Various filler flavors ensure expansion of product line as well as satisfaction of each customer taste demands.

Here is a product line of the fillers produced:

The fillers are produced under the Technical Specifications 9129-023-52176062-2009

Organoleptic indicators:

layout and consistency:

homogeneous viscous mass without extraneous inclusions, resistant to heat and baking.


from creamish to dark brown (depending on a filler type).

Flavor and odor:

sweet, with flavor and order of particular filler, with no off-flavors and off-odors.

Physical and chemical features:

moisture content does not exceed 45%.

at content is 6,0 ± 0,5%.

sucrose content – 40,0 ± 2,0%..

Storage conditions:

store at the temperature from 0 to +10 °С and relative humidity not exceeding 75%.

Shelf life:

8 months from the production date.


packed in corrugated boxes with polymer liner bags, product net weight is 20 kg..