Prosto Petro Group

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In order to optimize the assortment, unify product names and build a conceptually different approach to packaging design, making it in a single recognizable style The Group’s head management has made a revolutionary decision:

  • Entire “Burenka" trademark’s creams elimination;
  • Replacing them fully with pastes under “Bureshka” trademark;
  • Restyling the “Bureshka” chocolate pastes packages according to our brand book and market situation;
  • Launch of “Bureshka” chocolate pastes sales on the territory of Russian Federation since October

This decision was dictated by the economic requirement of unifying the goods names. All the similar products manufactured by the Prosto Petro Group are now referred to the “chocolate pastes”. This decision will help us to clearly position our products on the shelves and to avoid confusion among our customers. In addition, we expect the positive result in terms of extra costs on production and logistics.

We have changed the design in order to make the product modern and more attractive, however the original recipes of the “Burenka” creams are held. So, the taste and texture of the loved products is yet familiar. The selling prices left unchanged.