Prosto Petro Group

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Prosto Petro Group is the largest producer of chocolate spreads in Russia, as well as a reliable supplier of raw materials and ingredients for food industry companies. More than 25 years of successful work and consistent quality of products have allowed us to gain the trust of millions of customers.

People all over the world are fond of chocolate for more than five hundred years. There is a legend that once Italian confectioner Pietro Ferrero was trying to figure out how to sell melted and out of shape chocolate candies and decided to spread the chocolate-nut candy mass on white bread. It was less than a hundred years ago and since that moment chocolate paste has begun a triumphal journey around the world, conquering the hearts of people and giving them that outstanding taste.

However, there only few people know that this product was very popular in Italy 200 years ago. In Piedmont in the Pietro Ferrero, the considered father’s of chocolate paste motherland there is a popular delicacy named janduya, a chocolate mass mixed with grated hazelnuts.

There are no centuries-old traditions of chocolate paste production in Russia. However, Russians are fond of chocolate pastes and the Prosto Petro Group is making various pastes for about 20 years. In our assortment there are both traditional chocolate with nut paste and chocolate with milk paste for gentle creamy taste lovers. We have always strived to ensure that our products are the best and are loved by as many people as possible. Today it is time to offer the novelty for the most demanding gourmets and sweet-lovers, our brand new paste with an unprecedentedly high content of hazelnuts.

"Carna le Vale" is the premium chocolate and nut paste. Only the best cocoa beans, nuts and other premium ingredients. Pasta is distinguished by a balanced taste of milk chocolate with nutty notes and excellent plasticity. According to consumer reviews, this product is on the same level with well-known Nutella pasta from a famous Italian manufacturer by the taste qualities.